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Belize Map

It is really difficult to imagine that rainfall in a small country like Belize could vary in different places. In case you’re planning a vacation in Belize, just make sure to bring boots and rain coat. Life in the quiet countryside is a lot different from the city. Despite the warm weather, people in countryside... Continue reading..

Chilean Flag

During this time, the country was still struggling for independence. On July 4, 1812, the first raising of this flag took place during a banquet which celebrated the US’ independence. When the flag was raised for the first time, it created a great influence and impact on the struggle of the local for independence. It was Joel Robert Poinsett, US... Read more..

Colombian Flag

Its coastlines are on the northern Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Reports say that Colombia ranks third in the list of most populous countries in Latin America, next to Brazil and Mexico. In spite of its commitment to establishing a democratic institution, this country has had some violent history. This... To read more click here...

Denver ZIP

For every US state, there are different zip codes available for different areas. Like in Denver, a list of these codes can be found in the internet. Before we... Read more..

Ecuador Map

Planning on a trip to Ecuador for the first time and yet the only thing holding you back is the fear of getting lost somewhere in the middle of South America? Well,... To read more click here...

Egyptian Flag

This included a merger of Egypt and Syria. The new national flag of Egypt had three different colors such as red, black and white with two green stars. It was a rectangular flag of which the width measures one-third of the length. The amendment of... Click here to continue..

European Flags

The republic of 1931 suspended the hosting of the flag on Spanish flagpoles, until it was restored by France that likewise designed a new type of the arms several years later. The Norwegian national flag is probably among the few lovely flags in Europe exhibited from residential and commercial flag poles over the entire European territory. This particular flag is shaded red, and the field is likewise shaded red. Furthermore, a blue cross is... Read more..

Map Of Belize

Belize is a tiny country in Central America, located on the Caribbean Sea’s Western age. The formal name of Belize is British Honduras. It is situated below Mexico, north of Honduras and east of Guatemala. There are several natural wonders this city is blessed with such as rainforest- cloaked mountains, several wildlife preserves, hidden river gorges, large cave... Find out more...

Map Of Earth

The cutting cone intersects the Earth at 1 or 2 parallels selected as standard lines. A map of Earth may also present the terrain of the Earth which greatly varies from one place to another. With the use of the map, you can... More on this page..

Map Of The World

At some point in our life as students, we were asked by our history professors to study the map of... Read more..

Nicaragua Map

The official name of the country is Republica de Nicaragua (Republic of Nicaragua). The country is bordering north to Honduras and bordering south to the Costa Rica. The geographical coordinates of the country is located at 13°00 N... Click here to continue..

Romanian Flag

However, the overall design of the flag was quite unclear at this time. In July 1848, the government decided to design the flag with three equal vertical bands, blue being the closest to the flagpole, light yellow in the middle, followed by carmine red. Some historians say that the design of this flag was inspired by that of the French flag. However, other historians stress that it was not the French flag’s replica... Find out more...

Where Is Belize

However, the said actual land area is reduced to 21, 400 due to several lagoons that lie along the coasts and as well as in the northern interior region of Belize. The small size of Belize makes its location very questionable to many people.... Find out more...

Where Is Costa Rica

Nicaragua and Panama are the two neighboring countries of Costa Rica. The latitude and the longitude of the country looking in the world... Source of information..

Where Is Croatia

It will be a lot of help and serve as their guide in roaming around and visiting places in the country.  So, where is Croatia located? Croatia is a country in Europe situated... Read more..

Where Is Egypt

It is composed of a lot of large and small towns and cities such as Alexandria, Cairo, Aswan, Asyut, the modern capital of Egypt, Giza, the Pyramid of Khufu’s site, Port Said, Zagazig and a lot more. The country has become a major tourist destination... Click here to continue..

Where Is Fiji

Viti Levu is the largest island among the other islands that comprises the country. Viti Levu is about the size of one island of Hawaii named “The Big Island of Hawaii”. Viti Levu covers about 57% of the land of the nation. The country has a total population of 944, 720 (2009). It is also known as “The Crossroads of the Pacific”. The country... To read more click here...

Where Is Niagara Falls

It is 167 feet high and has water volume of 600,000 US gallons per second. Among these three falls, the Horseshoe Falls is the largest and the most spectacular one. Where is Niagara Falls? It is a geological landmark situated on an international border... Read more..

Where Is Prague

Prague Castle should not be excluded from the list of the best and most popular tourist destinations in Prague. Spending at least one half of a day gives the tourists complete opportunity to walk around the castle’s area. However, you can spend one whole day in the... To read more click here...

Gift Ideas

The best thing about it is that you spend time and exert effort to make it on your own while ignoring the other easier option of just buying it from somewhere. Since handmade gifts are a good way of expressing your utmost feelings for the... Click here to continue..

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