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Howdy! I'm Amber and welcome to my site. I did this informative website as a task specially for Articles International, which is an ESL and Web Design course. If you'd like to work with me, look for the contact form found on this page. Below is my personal Resume, along with some samples of websites and web content I produced earlier.

Graduated with distinction from Hill College
12 years of marketing and advertising experience (particularly intended for Web based audiences)
6 years of web development experience.
Committed, team player employee with a taste for details.

Employment Experience.
Articles International,2009 - Present
Office manager
In control of preparing a international team of writers to match a multifaceted range of growth goals and objectives.
- Make cutting edge records for productivity, expanding production by 18% across the globe
- Effectively operated ongoing logs of project distribution
- Handled QA for international generation over a sizable team of writers

Self Employed Wp Website Designer

Additional Expertise
Proficient in Bengali
Exceptional competence utilizing numerous choice of office software

Some of my work can be found here:

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